Most memeable dog on the internet.

Woof Woof, Walter is taking over crypto!

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Walter memes


Welcome to $WALTER, the official crypto meme coin inspired by the internet-famous Bull Terrier, Walter.

Known for his iconic stare, Walter captured hearts worldwide after a 2018 Twitter post by @PupperNelson went viral. In real life, this beloved meme star is named Nelson, a charming and lovable dog who has become a sensation both online and off.

Nelson’s fame doesn’t stop at memes. He’s a social media star too, boasting over 315,000 followers on Instagram, 280,000 followers on TikTok, and 110,000 on Twitter/X. Nelson continues to be a favorite not just in the digital world but among dog lovers everywhere.

The $WALTER coin was created in May 2024. Shortly after launch, the original dev sold their tokens, and a new dedicated team has since taken over the project.

We're proud to confirm we have secured exclusive IP rights to the Walter image with Nelson's owner. Securing IP rights means we have the authority to use Walter's likeness in the $WALTER coin. This ensures that our project can proceed smoothly without concerns about copyright issues or challenges to the project's future. With these rights in hand, we can confidently develop and promote $WALTER without disruptions.

With exclusive IP rights secured and a passionate community behind us, $WALTER is poised for an exciting future. Woof woof!


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The ultimate collection of the best our memes across the internet, created by our Walter community.